Carpet Care

YES! We Care Your Carpets.

We will help you to maintain your carpets in better ways...

Carpets can sometimes flatten out, shed fluff or look tired or may be subjected to harsh conditions, at Venus Carpets we ensure that fibers and production techniques ensure that carpets rarely wear out if properly maintained. With our state of the art technology it increases the carpet's resilience, reduces unsightly shedding of fluff, eliminates fiber pilling, gives better fiber definition and improves pile recovery, so the carpet Venus Carpets make for its customers looks even better and lasts even longer.

Here are some tips to protect your carpet from wearing out and increasing its life:


You can help your carpet to keep its appearance and extend its life with a few simple procedures;

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Care 1

Regularly vacuum areas where there is heavy traffic.
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Care 2

Vacuum the entire carpeted area a minimum of twice per week - we recommend an upright cleaner with active beater bar for cut pile carpets and a suction model for loop pile carpets.
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Care 3

Carpets should be periodically shampooed using the best proprietary carpet cleaner available for the type of carpet. We recommend you get this done by a professional cleaning company.
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Care 4

Attend to spills and stains immediately.


We help you to protect carpets carefully

Many of our carpets come with Stain proofing protection. However, it is still important that you react quickly to any spill - the longer the delay, the higher the probability of a spill becoming a stain!

a) Take immediate action dependent on the nature of the stain.

  • Absorb liquid spills by blotting (DO NOT RUB) with absorbent cloths or plain white paper towels.
  • Scrape lightly to loosen a hard or crusty type stain.
  • Scoop up soft substances with the dull edge of a spoon.
  • Vacuum any loose particles that can be readily removed.

    b) Sponge warm water onto the spill, blot the spill firmly using a sponge or cloth. Repeat this procedure several times, rinsing the sponge or cloth frequently. Take care not to over-wet the carpet and do not walk on it until thoroughly dry. An application of salt will remove the remaining dampness.

    c) The final process on carpets after following wetting and blotting should be as follows:

  • Place 5-6 layers of kitchen roll on the affected area and place on top a heavy book such as a telephone directory.
  • Allow to dry over 2-4 hours. The kitchen roll will absorb any stain in the base fibers.

  • When We Care! What our Customers Says?

    Here are the few lovely feedback about Venus Carpets.

    Jibran Ahmed

    Lahore, Pakistan

    I am very pleased with the carpets and compliment you on excellent service all round. My wife is very happy to see the rug, she told me that its look more beautiful than pictures, I must need one same carpet for my office too.

    Rashid Younus

    Islamabad, Pakistan

    Nice and outstanding rug, really I could not find my right choice except than your company, your display is 100% satisfactory which enabled me to take fast and good decision. Now my living room looks amazing, all colors of rug are same as I was expecting. Family is happy with this rug :)

    Anita Sattar

    Karachi, Pakistan

    This is just to say how pleased we are with the carpets we have just had fitted. From start to finish the service we have had has been great and we would not hesitate to recommend you.

    Sharoz Ahmer

    Karachi, Pakistan

    What a Lovely rug you have sent, being an art student I have knowledge about color combinations and I appreciate those craftsmen who arrange this rug's color scheme and made it with pure wool, I really thankful to you because its batter than what I predicted. I have some designs with my own colors combinations so would you like to convert them on handmade woolen rug with your customize manufacturing technology.